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Based in Detroit, Michigan, USA

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PC / Mac


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USD$5.00 (Early Access Special)


Head-to-head puzzle brawling action! Match blocks to send waves at your opponent! Dodge their waves or crash them head-on to survive. Unleash unique super attacks and explosive Hype Mode to tip the scales. It's a back-and-forth struggle for arcade puzzling dominance! WaveCrash!! is a competitive puzzle brawler that combines elements of fighting games and puzzle games to create a new take on the party fighter genre. Players match up blocks into groups that they launch at their opponent in the form of waves. Hitting an opponent's wave causes the two waves to "crash" and cancel out. Hitting your opponent pushes the dividing line forward, earning you more of the board and bringing you one step closer to victory.


The original idea for WaveCrash!! came to Steven Zavala in a dream about playing a game involving tiny people running around on a table throwing square shaped "waves" at each other. He drew up the first rough draft of the game design that morning and promptly threw it out and drew up a second draft after showing it to Matt "Willow" Willard and being told, correctly, that the first idea was way too complicated for humans to play. The second draft proved to be far more comprehensible and a playable prototype was put together within a week. WaveCrash!! was originally going to be scrapped early in development until an overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience at Meggacon in Jackson, Michigan, convinced Steven to continue on with and eventually complete the project.


  • Intense puzzle gameplay that is accessible for beginners and deep enough for competitors.
  • 10 characters to choose from, each offering their own spin on the core mechanics. Some bend the rules, others break them!
  • Bright and expressive pixel art characters and backgrounds.
  • Single player score attack modes.
  • Infinite blocks. They never stop.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "GDEX" Best Art, 2019
  • "SXSW Pitch Competition Selection" Selection, 2019
  • "Busan Indie Connect Festival" Selection, 2018
  • "PAX East Indie MINIBOOTH" Selection, 2018
  • "Taco Bell Indie Game Garage (now renamed "Feed the Beta")" Finalist, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "I apologize for potentially monopolizing the demo for a bit, but this game was too fun to put down. I implore you to check this game out, though I caution its addictiveness."
    - Chris Bohatka, CLETech
  • "WaveCrash!! is a remarkably cool upending of the classic matching puzzle formula."
    - Jacob Wood, IndieHangover
  • "The end result is fighting game competitiveness and mind games with the pace and strategy of a puzzler."
    - Connor Sheridan, GamesRadar

About Flyover Games

Flyover Games is an indie studio from Parts Unknown, Michigan, that develops games for mobile and PC platforms. Currently a humble operation, our ultimate goal is becoming a bloated juggernaut of game development. Until then, we'll settle for bringing you the best darn games that we can!

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WaveCrash!! Credits

Steven Zavala
Designer and Programmer, Flyover Games

Liz Pulanco
Character Artist, Freelancer

Shawn Martins
Character Artist, Freelancer

Samuel Olsen
Environment Artist and Promotional Artist, Freelancer

Dominic Chiudioni
Sound Effects, Freelancer

Matt "Willow" Willard
Music and Testing

Lance Sepanak

Kevin Gerber
Music, Freelancer

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